The tourist and medical service center

The tourist and medical service center will provide easy access to all the services needed by tourists (with a special focus on health and medical tourism applicants) in the target markets and will provide the tourism supply platform for different destinations to the applicants.

This center, which is planned in the form of electronic tourism, is considered in the first stage to respond to the needs of traders and merchants, but its activities will include beyond these interactions and various fields of tourism such as providing services in the field of ecotourism, geotourism, industrial tourism, agrotourism and so on.

The activities of this center have two separate sections, in the first section only electronic tourism is provided and in the second section, medical services are provided. in short, it should be mentioned that in the first section, all the services needed by tourists and applicants will be available to the audience, from transportation and accommodation to entertainment programs, sports, … are provided; Also, the activities of the treatment department of this center, in addition to the introduction and supply of various treatment services, will provide applicants with all the requirements for using these services, just like what was mentioned about tourists.

The main services of this center are:

1. Virtual tourism exhibition services
2. Virtual tourism media content production services
3. Focused tour services
4. Travel plan services
5. Travel ticket services
6. Accommodation reservation service
7. Catering reservation services
8. Ticket reservation services for entertainment centers
9. Translation and travel guide services
10. Vehicle rental services
11. Virtual exhibition services of Salam Hospital
12. Virtual hospital media content production services
13. Services of the virtual exhibition “Salam Doctor”
14. Virtual doctor media content production services
15. Health reservation service

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